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Supt. Evers won by a 70-30 percent margin, his largest victory to date, giving him four more years atop the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. "Am I glad this is a big win? Hell yes. Hell yes," Evers told supporters Tuesday night. "I'm happy it's a big win, because it says something about the two messages. I believe my message was positive, constructive. Do we have problems in this state? Yes, we do. We have lots of problems in this state, but we can roll up our sleeve and solve them." Evers said the race was an extension of what he's seen around the state over the past few years: people in local communities overwhelmingly willing to raise their own taxes to make sure their schools don't suffer. He believes those citizens want him in office to continue fighting for them. Crediting the largest grassroots group of volunteers he's ever had, Evers said there's no doubt people were looking to channel some frustrations on the campaign trail and at the ballot box. "I think there was a bit of palate cleansing from November 8th - for lack of a better term - and I'll take that," said Evers. "But, I think we ran a real positive race and I talked about kids every time I could. I talked about stories about kids every time I could and I think people resonate to that." Holtz managed to win just 2 of 72 counties, after his campaign was marred by controversy prior to the February 21 primary. A document surfaced showing Holtz had tried to arrange a $150,000 per year job at DPI, assuming fellow challenger John Humphries would have gone on to defeat Evers in the general election. "While tonight did not go as we had hoped, I am grateful to my family, friends, and supporters around Wisconsin who gave me the platform from which to engage in a dialog about education in our state and raise serious issues regarding the condition of education in Wisconsin," wrote Holtz in a statement. "The faith my supporters showed in my ability to serve our children is humbling, and I am grateful for the opportunity to run for Superintendent of Public Instruction.I wish Dr. Evers well in his new term, and I hope this campaign has broadened the way people view education reform in the State of Wisconsin."

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