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Short-term rentals now are not legal and what were trying to do is recognizing that a number of people are doing this, we want to have a system in place that controls it and is fair, Horsley said. We wanted to find a regulation that we could craft that we felt would have a high degree of compliance and would protect neighborhoods. The new permit program aims to expand opportunities for people to stay on the coast while requiring property owners provide commensurate parking, pay hotel tax and limit the number of nights residences can be rented. It will also entail the county hiring a consultant to ensure compliance, according to a staff report. After several stakeholder meetings, working with Airbnb and comparing rules in other cities, county staff came up with a draft recently reviewed by the countys Planning Commission. The Board of Supervisors is slated to consider the rules next month and ultimately the California Coastal Commission must also approve the permit program before it would go into effect, said County Senior Planner Michael Schaller. The regulations include limiting short-term rentals to 180 nights a year for non-owner occupied renters, limiting the number of tenants allowed based on space, requiring owners comply with the countys 10 percent hotel tax and carry liability insurance, and would explicitly prohibit illegal activities. Rental owners must also notify their immediate neighbors if they plan on listing their properties, according to the draft. One of the major issues for residents relates to parking and the rules propose off-street parking requirements, including setting aside at least one space for rentals and at least two homes that can accommodate more than eight tenants, according to the draft. Schaller said the rules are about getting a handle on the existing practice and addressing related quality of life issues for coastside neighborhoods. We knew this was occurring, its no secret. You can go online and rent a house for a weekend in various parts of the county so we know its occurring even though its not technically allowed by the law, Schaller said, adding some homeowners may rely upon the income to pay their mortgages. Were trying to get a handle on it so people can continue to do this without significantly impacting their neighbors and ruining the quality of life for people in the county. There are dozens of rentals sprinkled along the coastline in unincorporated areas of the county. Cities including Half Moon Bay and Pacifica are not included in the countys proposed rules. Over the last year, there were about 33 listings in El Granada, 11 in Miramar, 20 rentals in Montara, 41 in Moss Beach, and 15 in Princeton, according to a staff report. As of Monday on Airbnb, listings included a $1,500 per weekend night for a four-bedroom beachfront Pescadero home, $220 for a one-bedroom Moss Beach house, and $75 to rent a room in an El Granada home. The county will also consider working with the firm Host Compliance, or a similar contractor, to monitor short-term rentals and ensure people are complying with the permit program, Schaller said. The cost of the permit has yet to be decided and secondary or in-law units cannot be used as short-term rentals per the boards recent effort to promote them as a source of affordable housing, he added. The county opted to focus first on the coastside, which has unique challenges such as being regulated by the Coastal Commission, before it may later choose to expand short-term rental regulations to other unincorporated areas, Schaller and Horsley said. The board is expected to discuss the draft as early as May and Horsley noted the Coastal Commission does encourage appropriate regulations that support visitor access to the coast.

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