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But we have to measure the impact of those cuts. Bounds argued that NUs financial state has slid somewhat over the past three years. NUs days of cash on hand the duration it could pay bills without revenues coming in has fallen from 180 in 2014 to 160. Further, he said, many peer and neighboring institutions have far stronger positions in days of cash. Penn State has 364, Michigan 305, Missouri 283, Colorado 218 and Illinois 187, Chris Kabourek, NUs director of budget and planning, said this week. We are not sick. We are healthy, but we are not as healthy as many of our neighbors and many of our peers, Kabourek said. The trend is not going the right way. ... Were probably not where we need to be, should be. Days of cash is an important element in an institutions bond rating. NUs bond rating with Moodys is Aa1, the second-best possible, Kabourek said. Preliminary recommendations from both the Appropriations Committee and Gov. Pete Ricketts call for some level of cuts. Bounds has said that with salary increases, health insurance hikes and other rising expenses, NU could face more than $50 million in cuts over the next two years to cover costs and handle state budget cuts. Lawmakers started the year with a shortfall that approached $900 million. Actions taken by the Legislature, such as midyear cuts, and actions being considered by the Appropriations Committee have shrunk the outstanding shortfall to close to $300 million. Another projection of state revenues is expected late this month.

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